Joel's Articles Published Online (December 2010)

Views on death from some early Christians and the Bible
December 31, 2010
Mortality versus Immortality has been a favorite topic by philosophers, religious and non-religious individuals and most other people since the earliest of records. The suppositions are innumerable it seems and a positive resolution of the subject appears to be...

The King James Version of the Holy Bible celebrates 400 years of strong success
December 30, 2010
The story behind the King James 1611 English Version of the Bible, often referred to as the “Authorized Version”, is illustrious and colorful. Of all the various translations of the Holy Scriptures, it has endured and excelled in...

Between the testaments: a dark period of 400 years
December 29, 2010
The final book of prophecy contained in the Old Testament is that of Malachi, which is dated from 397 years before Christ. Matthew then picks up with the lineage and birth of Jesus the Christ. Within this period of approximately...

Determining the value of the Old Testament to those under the law of grace
December 29, 2010
Numerous people become confused when they are told that the Old Testament does not contain the law (including the commandments) which are required of Christians. Never the less, that is the way it is. There have been three distinct periods...

The reason Christians pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ
December 28, 2010
For the most part, those who wear the name Christian, believe in prayer and with very few exceptions, they pray to God in the name of Jesus. First of all, Jesus made it known that he had been granted authority...

The profound lessons found concerning Demas in one verse
December 20, 2010
Most of those who study the bible even modestly, can recall the sad remark made by Paul to his friend Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:10. “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed...

What the Holy Bible teaches us concerning unwitting sins
December 18, 2010
What if someone sins and does not know it? Can he be condemned for that? The answer may not sit well with some, but it is a resounding “YES”! Observe the following scriptures and reasonings.We need to...

Humanity's first recorded murder, a clash of temperaments
December 17, 2010
After the creation was completed, Adam and Eve had an envious position with all things furnished them in the garden, but sin was not long in coming. For any who possibly are unfamiliar with this account, you may find it...

Resolving the oft asked question: Creation in six literal days?
December 15, 2010
It is noticeable that many naturalists, atheists, and the like, when engaged in a discussion over creation will ask their opposing view person, as a resolution, "Do you believe the universe was created in six literal days?" and...

In the beginning God created the triune universe
December 14, 2010
Cosmologists and astrophysicists face insurmountable walls when it comes to presenting their view of the origins of space, time and matter. For many centuries they were accepted as being created by an all powerful God by the vast majority of...

Fact or Fantasy: The biblical record corrupted, unreliable
December 13, 2010
There are those whose ideas and beliefs are condemned and/or refuted by the Holy Bible. This begs for a solution in order for them to continue their personal desires. Few people have even a general knowledge of the scriptures...

The vain war over Christmas, a no-win proposition
December 7, 2010
For some years now, there have been lawsuits, vandalism, anger and even hatred between people over their stand on Christmas. Such a shame. Such a pity. Neither side of the war has any excuse for fighting the other. The origin...

The third of seven abominations which God hates
December 2, 2010
Solomon, who the bible states, was granted wisdom far greater than normal men possess because he requested it from God, rather than for riches after God had told him he would grant his request. His biblical writings, inspired of God...

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