Joel's Articles Published Online (Nov.-Dec. 2009)

Reasons I accept the Bible as inerrant
December 26, 2009
I have so very many people who scorn me for accepting the Bible as the inspired word of God, given through ordinary men who could not possibly have written such a book only by their own knowledge and abilities. Most...

Resolutions needed by Christians for 2010
December 11, 2009
Not since the early centuries, Anno Domini, has there been such need for a world wide revival for Christians. Although the name “Christian” is claimed by more people than any other religion in the world, faithful followers of...

Onesiphorus: A pattern for Christians to follow
December 8, 2009
God mentions several people in His words whom He considered special. Enoch is the first one complimented by such as “walked with God”, David was a “man after mine own heart”, Abraham was called “a...

Will natural laws apply in heaven?
December 7, 2009
If indeed, we are ever to answer this question with any degree of accuracy, we must determine what type of place heaven will be and what type of being we shall be. And in order to determine the answers to...

A brief critique on the book of he prophet Joel
December 7, 2009
Although the book of Joel does not contain a date within itself and there are no others which contain dates for it recorded, by simple references from it, and from other writings, most scholars concede that it was somewhere between...

The miracles and influence of Elijah, the Tishbite Prophet
December 5, 2009
It is difficult, if not impossible, to rate one man over the other in the Holy Bible with the exception of Jesus. There are many others who found extreme favor in God’s eyes, but when discussing those who..

. The advent of each new year offers opportunities and challenges: 2010
November 21, 2009
Those of you who follow my articles a lot, know that I am not an advocate of many holidays, especially religious ones. I have my reasons for that, but there are days which I observe and appreciate. Independence Day, Veterans...

Thanksgiving: My family's favorite holiday
November 20, 2009
We've never been those who go bananas over holidays. Quite the opposite, we virtually ignore most of them except of such as Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, Independence Day and Veteran's Day. But of these, we emphasize Thanksgiving Day...

Are part time Christians pleasing to God? Some tough questions
November 19, 2009
A good place to start the answer to this question is vacation time. When you and family leave on vacation, does your obligations toward our Father get left behind or, are they packed deeply inside one piece of luggage to...

Will the Mayans be proven right on Decembr 21, 2012?
November 17, 2009
There are many distortions to the story of the ancient Mayans' calendar. Many have twisted the "prophecy" into meaning that December 21, 2012 will be the end of time. But students of Mayan history, customs and ways tell...

The point at which human life begins: A study
November 12, 2009
Scientists have concluded that they know just what it takes to create life. Yet they can’t make it happen in sterile laboratories with the finest of equipment and materials. Nor can they cause it to happen in some...

Abigail: One of only four "beautiful" women in the Bible
November 11, 2009
The Holy Bible is not exactly replete with direct complements toward individuals and therefore, we may assume that one given is quite meaningful. The three others referred to as beautiful (or “very fair”) are, Vashti (Esther 1:11...

The majority view does not mean it is right
November 4, 2009
We hear that a lot...“the majority accepts thus and so as being the correct view.” I, personally, get it thrown at me time and again, in my political views as well as my religious views. But it...

People believe what they choose to believe
November 4, 2009
One often wonders why some people, when exposed to basically the same environment, education and other similar lifestyle circumstances, choose to believe entirely different things when ir comes to philosophy and/or religion. God intended it to be that one...

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