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We hope that you will be able to find whatever you are looking for, right here. You won't find porn, or other undesirable stuff. But you can find enough reading to last you the rest of your life. One fellow made the remark that he had searched our site for months and hadn't yet reached bottom. Take time to visit all of our links and you will see what he means.

Current reading suggestions

A video is available depicting the end of time according to biblical prophecy and is a very compelling one. They have two books to sell at the end of it, but I am not involved in that, so I am not asking or even encouraging one to buy them. I do encourage everyone to see the video though, and you will almost have to admit that it may very well be accurate. Of course the day or the hour is not known but the approach seems realistic. Alive after the fall" click on that link.

I have recently written an article entitled 'The Christian and national politics' which I hope you will read. Click here.

What On Earth Is Hebronics?

Welcome to Hebronics Chronicles and Views. My name is Joel Hebron Hendon and the site is named for my own "ics"

Hebronics Chronicles and Views contains a conglomeration of valuable readings and many other things of interest. We hope it will be your choice for finding materials you wish to see on the internet. I am a Christian and a dyed in the wool conservative in religion as well as politics. Therefore, you will find a preponderance of our materials to be along those lines. We will constantly be looking and asking for suggestions for improving the website. Before you decide you aren't interested, please browse the site well and see if you don't find something you like.

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What We Are About
Hebronics Chronicles and Views has a multi-faceted website. Read the following points carefully.
A TreasurTrove Of Links To Thousands Of Gospel Sermons, Articles and Sermon Outlines

An array of articles covering virtually any possible biblical subject. If you need help in preparing a sermon or talk, or if you just desire to study the Bible by subjects visit us. Click Here

The Web's Most Complete Resource For Conservative Commentary

Browse our site and you will see that we give you access to just about any conservative articles and websites worth viewing. If we don't, just let us know which ones you cannot find and we'll get them for you. Your first stop ought to be our Sitemap page where you will see the many lists of leading conservative columnists archives and the other pages of our site. Our intention is to have a one-stop site for reading, researching and shopping.

An Eight Page Memorial Site Of World War II

An introductory page, one page in honor of my brother and six more pages of beautiful photos of twelve of the burial grounds where our GI's died and were buried there, primarily during World War Two, although some of those from World War One are buried in a few of them. It gives a glimpse of the vast number of men who fought for a cause and kept this nation, as well as many others, free from tyranny. A war where over 60,000,000 people were killed worldwide. You may go to this portion of the site by clicking here.

Two Pages Of Links To U.S. and States Government Websites

A page that makes it easy for you to locate pertinent government websites. Find your local legislators websites easily, as well as sites of governmental services, grants, student loans, and many other sites with valuable information on details of laws, bills being considered for congressional passage, and much more. Click Here and for links to each state's and also Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands official websites Click Here

An Array of Amazing, Funny, Beautiful and Stirring Photos, Videos & Poems I have found

Baby anythings are precious-see this       A Most Beautiful Sight.

Seasons...Beautiful   September 20, 2010

Autauga County AL Autumn     Who Am I?...Beautiful

101 Year Old Woman-81 Year Old Car

Sons of Pioneers The Last Farewell

The Old Paths   Winter Of Our Lives

"Words" That We Use     This Blessing Is For You

Forever Friends   Horse Quartet

Ormie The Pig   God's Creation "Magnificent"

Flowers That Never Fade   Music from a $75. Saloon Piano.

Pulling Together (Beautiful)   Building Baseballs

Beautiful Old Automobiles

Man's Best Friends-On Land Or Sea

Sleeping dog fun    Tim Conway-Harvey Korman, Dentist

Bulldog skateboarder extraordinaire

Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation Ad-Beautiful

Michael Davis-juggler-Hilarius

If I Were The Devil--Paul Harvey

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